KAMELOT My Confession

welcome to thesummerbucketlist Lyrics Sites KAMELOT My Confession Lyrics, singer by KAMELOT

Give me a sign
Sing the words of innocence
And broken pride
Make my conclusions fail

Send me a sign
Heal this broken melody
‘Cause each night I die
In hell

My God has shown his sympathy
For all the spirits lost
I’ve prayed for salvation
And peace for ages
Standing in the summer breeze
Inhaling life again
A new day has come
A chance to relive
Forget and forgive

Somehow I wasted all
They sealed my voice and wisdom
But my soul was born
On the battleground

Justice in blood
Long awaited victory
And tonight you die
In hell


Somebody hides
Inside my mind
We’re bound together
This is my confession
Soulmate or enemy
A thorn in my religion
Release my heart
Unfold my tongue

Save a place for me in heaven
We’ll meet another day
I found forgiveness
And the meaning of it all
My fear is gone

Forget and forgive



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